For the regulators

REGIS-TR provides access to the data contained in its trade repository to the relevant Regulators for EMIR, FinfraG, SFTR and for UK EMIR under our sister TR, REGIS-TR UK.

The access provided to Regulators will be determined by the scope of their mandate. For this purpose three different access levels have been defined:

Aggregate level: minimum access level that consists in the aggregation of the live positions of those counterparties under the scope of a regulator per asset class

Position level: this level implies access to the aggregated data, as well as to open position data per counterparty under the scope of the regulator per asset class

Transaction level: this level implies access to the position and aggregated data. It grants the access to all messages affecting the trades under the scope of a regulator

Data is made available to Regulators through two types of access:

Reports: Regulators will have access to three types of reports that will be generated on a daily basis, Transactions, Positions and Aggregate reports. The reports will be provided in CSV or XML format and shall be retrieved via the SFTP Connection by each regulator

Queries: Regulators will be able to access the information they can supervise via online queries. The results of the queries will be available in CSV or XML format