Webinar - SFTR

Reporting comes out of the shadows

13.03.2018 04:00 PM

SFTR will creep up on firms by 2019, so join the RegTek Solutions Webinar on 13 March 2018 at 16:00 CET to get ahead of the game and hear perspectives from every angle. One of the main speakers will be VP of Business Development of REGIS-TR, Fabian Klar who will explain our plans regarding SFTR and compare it to other reporting regulations like EMIR.

Other areas for discussion include changes to business processes, reconciliation requirements, data volumes, data formats, delegated reporting, the quality of the actual regulatory text, and your counterparties involvement.


  • How does SFTR affect a trading desk?
  • Will SFTR change trading behaviour?
  • What are the plans at REGIS to support SFTR?
  • How does SFTR compare with OTC reporting?
  • What is being said in the market about preparing for SFTR?
  • What would a typical SFTR project look like? (content and timing)
  • Tell us about the data requirements for SFTR – how do they compare with futures reporting?
  • What are the plans at DTCC to prepare for SFTR?
  • How will SFTR change business processes?
  • What are the reconciliation requirements for SFTR?
  • How can firms re-use their previous reporting platforms for SFTR?
  • How well are the regulations from ESMA written?
  • Does the volume of data for SFTR bring new challenges?
  • How would delegated reporting work for SFTR?
  • Does SFTR require cooperation from your counterparties?

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