Q&A Webinar - Revised EMIR Technical Standards

How do the revised EMIR Technical Standards impact you?


From 1 November 2017, EMIR trade reporting will go through significant changes. From this date onwards, ESMA will introduce revised EMIR Technical Standards including new fields, changes to position reporting, collateral reporting and asset class specific fields with the aim to address potential improvements and existing deficiencies that have been identified since the reporting start date of EMIR in February 2014.

In order to support you with these changes, REGIS-TR organised a webinar on Wednesday 21 June 2017. The aim of this webinar was to explain relevant aspects of the revised EMIR Technical Standards and to determine to what extent you are impacted.

In that context, REGIS-TR has created a Q&A document that includes the questions that have been answered during the webinar. The questions addressed by participants during the webinar will be published in a second version of this document.

For further information on the revised EMIR Technical Standards, you can see again our webinar, on our YouTube channel, by clicking on the following link: REGIS-TR webinar: How do the revised EMIR Technical Standards impact you?